This Sentence is True

This Sentence is True

1. THIS 5.24
2. MIEN 3.23
4. SENTENCE 5.20
5.   IS 3.53
6.   TRUE 8.56



This is a pivotal album, and a one-off for Indipop, who (rightly) think I use their label like a hotel! Making it has encourage me to work in a different way – it has found me understanding the hard disc process and stretching out into soundscapes again.

When you're obsessed with the voice, you don't want other people in the way – you don't want other instruments in the way – you don't want the record company's agenda in the way. I haven't had any of these things in the way and you can hear it in my 9 previous albums. There is no other influence and you can feel that it goes right the way through the process. It is and was vocal megalomania! And I make no apology for that.

But that's changing because I'm satisfied. An 18 year apprenticeship is probably enough. In the past eighteen years I've evolved from doubletracked compressed pop vocal to this other voice, exploring not just vocal styles from around the world, but also a myriad of other registers. I've gone a great way into that territory – voice as an instrument, voice as an effect, voice changing its culture within a single phrase, all that is within my vocal palette when my voice is working well. And now it's time to play with the setting and soundscape. I’ve always felt that if you played with the setting first, that was the easy way out — because you can recruit other people to graft all that stuff on for you and you get the points without making any effort and also because it’s not as exciting when what you're bringing to the track as a singer is a one-dimensional sound.

Now that I have all this vocal 'stuff' to bring to a track, I want to go back to some very edgy but classic settings — song format settings — and that’s the big unknown for me. It’s now that the journey starts. This recording is a first step, not necessarily a new direction. As I said, I seem to have inadvertently made an album…

Sheila Chandra 2001

There now follows a statement by the Ganges Orchestra:

Dreaming into existence brilliant confusion ghosting sheening. Crashing smashing, digital clicks and glitches made music, the shock of the new being inner state of now knowing. Native-alter naming it at the cusp-edge, from exotic flower to eccentric diva, washed by the waves of sound here's the pointillisme textured impressionism, from Mama to Dada to radio Ga-Gaism.

Zone Zen paradox surrender Siddharta following, through open doors Vibration rising inner world Lennon not droning weaving inclusive we drone. Layered bagpipes and harmonium reeds swaying in the stream of consciousness as the ferryman quietly dreams.

Light washing a dry sponge 'Liturgie Electronique'. Trickery tantalising teasing to deceive the ear aural distraction in gossamer sheens (oh look…) I can only see you on the tenth listen abundance, can't take you all in at once. Surrender to sound bath and breathe…